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Much like Hidemari Sketch, this show concerns cute girls in a high school who get stressed out over the little curveballs life throws at them. HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD differs in that the curveballs include flesh eating zombies.
Kohta Hirano: who claims to have (somehow) taken a course at Blackwater in the USA and be an expert in all sorts of firearms...and...umm... stuff.  Although he is in abominable physical shape he can extemporize weapons in the wood shop and he actually is a good shot. Additionally, all those years of playing 1st person shooters have taught him a bit about tactics. He is quite loyal to his new friends but would be by far the weakest link in the group if it weren't for
Shizuka Marikawa: The school nurse. She is an urbane, scatterbrained, superficial ditz who is quite out of her depth and has a terribly difficult time getting her head around just how bad things are. As if that weren't enough her voice can grate cheese. She is, however actually a   nurse....and she can drive a stick-shift...which is very important to everyone's survival, so it is darned lucky that she was rescued multiple times by.....

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